Rat and Mice Season.. Don’t use poison!

Rats! It’s been that time of year. We’re getting a lot of calls about “scratches/noises in the night!”

I know your first instinct will be to go out and get some rat poison. Rat poisons are bad for the environment. They can cause secondary poisoning to owls, foxes, birds of prey, pets. (Feral cats have become a very popular choice for rodent control as well) but the biggest thing is, they really don’t “fix” your problem. Poison is a band-aid. Rats and mice will always be a part of the environment, you’ll never get them all, but you can stop them from entering your house!

Sage Exterminators are firm believers in finding how rodents are entering your house and fixing those areas so they can never return again. All that’s left after that is to trap the remaining population, and your problems are over! The use of poison should be a very well thought out and detailed plan.

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Termite Damage, Dry Rot and Wood Repairs

We run into quite few clients that do not realize we do the actual wood repairs, they thought we just treated termites and sprayed for “bugs”. We wanted to share a few projects we have done, and let everyone know that on top of being a licensed Termite company, we are also licensed General Contractors. Big or small, we do it all!

This was second story deck we rebuilt on a home that was being sold. It had dry rot and termite damage in all the decking, joists and main support beam.

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This was a roof repair we did on a home in the front entry. A roof leak caused fungus and dry rot. It had two layers of roofing and the roof boards tucked under another eave.

20140904_124502 20140904_124506 20140904_124517 20140904_124541 20140905_133020 20140905_133317


This was a walkway in a restaurant. The subterranean termites ate out the entire framework and the workers were watering plants and letting it drain on the plywood sheathing.

20150415_104402 20150415_105916 20150505_121551 20150507_164705 20150507_170646 20150508_165856 20150508_170136

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FHA, VA, and Refinance Termite inspections: Buyers Inspection Waiver

The most common request we get is for termite inspections for escrow and lending purposes. With today’s lending practices, choices, and market, you might be surprised how much a termite report, often referred to as a WDO or WDI inspection report, weighs in on financing.

We noticed  after the housing crisis that homes were being sold without any inspection at all! Granted there were a lot of cash buyers that were watching the bottom line, but even regular buyers financing, would go without. It used to be that you needed one for any real estate transaction that was financed, but somehow that changed. Some told me they were fearful to request one, as their offer would likely be rejected.

Not so much today though. Now we are seeing VA loans requiring not only an inspection, but a termite clearance (work completed) before you enter into escrow! That’s a new one for me, maybe someone can elaborate more on that. We also see more and more conventional and FHA loans that are being required to have a termite inspection and clearance.

If you are buying a home, most lenders will want a report from a licensed termite company. What you probably didn’t know is what we actually are inspecting for. Termites are obvious, but we go a lot further than that. We check for dry rot, moisture conditions, grades, ventilation, foundations and structural damage, just to name a few. Most companies will have similar findings, it’s the recommendations that will kill your loan! Your inspector not only needs to find out what’s wrong, but also be knowledgeable enough to know what the “deal breakers” are, and how to rectify them in a economical way. That’s why it’s important to pick the right company for your inspection. Experience is what counts in this situation.

Not only is Sage Exterminators licensed in Structural Pest Control, but we are also a Licensed General Contractor, and carry Home Inspection certifications. So, when the other company is throwing out a $20,000 bid because they have no idea how long or what it’s going to take and gamble with it, or they recommend a general contractor to fix the issues because it’s beyond their scope of service or experience, Sage Exterminators is there helping you find the most reasonable and financially affordable option to get your loan through! We know what’s at stake, and we know our business! Please call us today if you think you might want a second opinion on a termite inspection you received, or if another termite company is not up to the task!

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Termidor SC for Termite Control in San Diego

Termite season is upon us and there are many choices out there. Sage Exterminators uses the most cutting edge materials for termite treatment available. Termidor is one such chemical. It’s mode of action is unique in the fact that termites do not detect an area treated with it. They move about and eat as if nothing were there. Little do they know that each one of them are bringing a lethal dose of chemical to the entire colony. In a matter of weeks, if treated properly, the entire colony is wiped out! While Termidor is a chemical, it has proven to be very safe, in fact, the active ingredient is the same as the flea products Advantage and Frontline.

If you do not want to fumigate, or you can’t because of sensitive landscaping or tile roof, you should insist that Termidor be used on active and accessible Termites. We can’t say enough good things about it. Please watch this informational video.

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Promotion!! Free General Pest Spray with any Termite Treatment

For the month of June, Sage Exterminators will be offering a free general pest control spray! Termite activity is in full swing and as I am doing inspections, I’m running across a lot of Spiders and Ants. Normally we stick with just Termite work, but we do Pest Control too! I started out in this business running a Pest Control route. While I can’t say I’ve seen everything, I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff in those Pest Control days. I once had an apartment unit that had so many German cockroaches I had to tape up my pants and shirt so they wouldn’t crawl under my clothes!  But I digress..

As my way of saying thank you for choosing us to do your Termite work, I would like to offer a one time free service for general crawling insects. Our technician will treat the exterior, including inside your garage, around windows and doors, landscape edging, around and in cracks and crevices, and all other areas deemed necessary by you and the tech. You can’t beat free and I mean FREE, we’re not going to try and stick you with a month-to-month plan. And as always, the Termite Inspection is free too!

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Termites Fumigation, droppings, wood damage, Real Estate

Tent Fumigation

Often times sign of termites and termite droppings doesn’t mean you need a fumigation or wood repairs but it could!

I inspected a home today for a termite real estate transaction (WDO / WDI) and came across a home that had been tented in 1992 for termites, which made me think it would be in pretty good shape. I was amazed at the damage in almost every area of the home! All the eaves had termite damage and dry rot. There were droppings coming out of the stucco weep holes and all along the outside walls. The attic was full of wings. It seemed like a super nest of termites. To top this all off, it has a tile roof and it is in desperate need of a tent fumigation. Repairs will require a scissor lift due to a lot of the damaged wood being in the second story eaves. I feel sorry for the seller, and we will get these repairs and fumigation done and at a great price in time for close of escrow, but it really made me think of all the homes that are being sold in an escrow deal and go left untreated. I’ve always told my clients “I’ve never seen a house fall down because of termites” but today was a reminder to what these homeowners will face if left untreated. Don’t be afraid to get an inspection. Almost all companies will do it for free; Sage always offers free inspections to homeowners. Caught in time, we can offer many different treatments, at very reasonable rates, but if you wait too late, you will be spending many, many thousands later! If anything, you will know what kind of damage or if signs of termites exist.

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Fumigation versus Local Treatment Vs. Whole home alternative treatment.

Fumigation’s vs. local treatment is an old age debate, even within the termite profession itself. When getting bids from your local termite companies, you’re sure to get many different opinions on what should be done. (although all our recommendations should be the same, I’ll save that for another story).
There are some things you should know before making your decision.
Fumigation is recognized as the “standard” treatment in Termite Industry and by the State. That doesn’t mean it’s the best option though!
If your termite problem is not severe, and there doesn’t appear to be termites going to inaccessible areas, you can have your home treated with an array of products and techniques that will actually outlast a tent fumigation for many, many years! The reasoning behind that is, after a tent is pulled off your home, you are open to attack immediately. Vikane gas (the fumigant) leaves no protection. With a whole house alternative treatment, you will have some protection against the annual termite swarms San Diego has every year. By injecting in and around all exposed wood with Termidor and Premise, broadcast treating all attic’s with borates, like Timbor (Tim-bor) or Boracare, under your home, the garage, eaves and patio’s with Termidor and Premise and by foam treatment in wall voids, you can get many years of protection.

We would love to answer any questions you might have, so drop us an email, call us toll free at 1-855-Sage-Help anytime!

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Avoid Costly Surprises With a Pre-Listing (WDO / WDI) Termite Inspection

Of all the repairs typically negotiated during the sale of a home, work related to obtaining a termite clearance is usually at the top of the list. Termite clearance is so common that in California, not only do standard real estate contracts have a section referencing termite reports, there’s even a specific form dedicated to clarifying how far an inspection goes and who will pay for what portion of the repairs.

 While many houses turn up clean on reports, and many more require only minor repairs, if a property needs fumigation (tenting), costs can easily be $2,000 or more. Repairing rotten, fungus-damaged, or termite infested wood, depending on the location and amount of work to be done, also presents the potential for thousands in costs.

 While responsibility for making repairs is negotiable before a contract is accepted, Southern California customs usually have a seller paying for Section I repairs (any current, existing problems) and the buyer paying for Section II repairs (conditions that could lead to future problems). The vast majority of costs on the vast majority of reports fall under Section I.

 If you put your home up for sale and sign a purchase contract saying you’ll provide the buyer with a termite clearance, you’ve obligated yourself to do so, and unless you and your agent put a limit on what you’re willing to pay for that clearance, you’re on the hook to comply with the contract regardless of the cost.

 Don’t take the risk of writing a blank check for repairs that could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you’re prepared to spend. For just $XX, we’ll conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property and provide you with a detailed report and itemized repair cost (if any). You’ll then be able to present a clean report to potential buyers, or you’ll be prepared for eventual costs and can take them into account when negotiating a price. If work is needed, we’ll credit 100% of the inspection cost toward any repairs.


Termites and Veterans’ Administration (VA) Loans


For most real estate sales, whether or not termite repairs are done, and who pays for they, are a matter to be negotiated between buyer and seller, and when refinancing a home, the borrower typically isn’t required by the bank to do anything about wood-destroying pests unless it’s obvious to an appraiser that a property is seriously damaged or infected.

 Veteran borrowers hoping to take advantage of the benefits offered through a VA loan, however, face an entirely different situation.

 In areas where the probability of termite infestation is “moderate to heavy” or “very heavy,” according to a VA map (and that includes virtually every square inch of California), borrowers are required to provide a “clean” termite report to the lender, showing the property has no Section I or Section II items to be addressed. On a purchase transaction, the borrower isn’t allowed to pay for repairs, meaning they become the seller’s responsibility.

 Be prepared: if you’re selling a house, get an inspection up front so you’ll know how much repairs will cost, if anything – this could affect how much you’re willing to negotiate on asking price when dealing with a buyer who will ask you to make repairs. If you’re a VA (or any other) buyer, ask to see a copy of a termite report before writing an offer. If you’re refinancing into a VA loan, get your termite report done first and know whether or not you’re going to have to make repairs before spending hundreds of dollars on an appraisal or on any up-front lender application fees.