Termite Control Plus!

Termite SwarmersTermites, are wood-destroying insects that cause many millions of dollars of damage annually. Both subterranean termites can potentially cause costly damage to your property and in some cases even make the floors or foundations unsafe. Unfortunately termites often go unnoticed until the colony is sending out swarmers* or even worse, has caused extreme damage to an infested structure, which can include buckling wood, swollen ceilings or floors, or areas that appear to be suffering from water damage.

It is to your advantage to have a regular termite inspection in order to control termites before they cause damages to your home or business which require expensive and disruptive repairs.

Several Types of Termite Control Available

  • Escrow Inspections for Termite Certification  Sage Exterminators perform a thourough inspection of the entire property including plumbing issues, water issues, faulty grade, landscape issues, roof issues, soil test, ventilation, construction defects, and conditions conducive for termites, fungus or dryrot
  • Annual termite control treatments with free inspections
  • Free homeowner inspection reports
  • Tent fumigation’s
  • Fumigation Alternatives with whole home warranty!  Sage Exterminators offer a variety of alternatives to fumigation like orange oils, borates, Termidor®, Premise®, products.  We treat all attics, subareas, wall voids, eaves, garages, exposed wood ceilings, patio/decks, and siding using a variety of equipment.
  • Spot treatments We can spot treat any area of concern on your real estate property
  • Repair Wood damage caused by dryrot, fungus or termites! We fix damage to your deck, patio, walls, bathroom, flooring, and more!
  • Soil treatment for Subterranean and Formosan termites We offer warranties up to 5 years in length!
  • Borate (TIM-BOR®) preventive treaments
  • Pre-contruction and post construction treatments
  • Termite swarmer broadcast treatments

Termite Exterminators in San DiegoWe offer the most comprehensive treatments in the Industry.. You will not be stuck choosing an inferior, unwanted form of treatment. We give you options. Fumigation, ornage oil, wall foaming, local treats, heat fumigations, borate treatments, Sage is always perfecting new treatments for termite control and what’s more important than the treatment is our uncanny ability to offer just the right treatment for your situation through common sense and experience.